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inactiveTopic "Proofs and Types" available online
started 10/5/2003; 7:46:53 AM - last post 10/6/2003; 12:05:02 AM
Frank Atanassow - "Proofs and Types" available online  blueArrow
10/5/2003; 7:46:53 AM (reads: 226, responses: 2)
An excellent book has gone out of print and is now available online:

Jean-Yves Girard, Paul Taylor and Yves Lafont. Proofs and Types. (link)

See the link for various formats and a list of chapters.

Marc Hamann - Re: "Proofs and Types" available online  blueArrow
10/5/2003; 3:22:59 PM (reads: 203, responses: 0)
Thanks for the reference, Frank!

The most lucid and straight-forward presentation of this material that I've seen, with a refreshingly blunt commentary style.

I just tore through the first three chapters in a sitting. ;-)

Sjoerd Visscher - Re: "Proofs and Types" available online  blueArrow
10/6/2003; 12:05:02 AM (reads: 185, responses: 0)
I completely agree!