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inactiveTopic The SOUL Logic Meta Programming Tool
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Patrick Logan - The SOUL Logic Meta Programming Tool  blueArrow
10/8/2003; 5:20:50 PM (reads: 8827, responses: 0)
The SOUL Logic Meta Programming Tool
SOUL got a brief mention about a year ago in LtU. Given the recent discussion on relational logic and OO, this might be an interesting project to reintroduce.

SOUL is short for Smalltalk Open Unification Language. SOUL is an open, reflective logic programming language written in VisualWorks 5i4 and ported to various other Smalltalk environments. The current implementation of SOUL also incorporates the ideas of another Logic Meta-Programming tool that was developed at the Programming Technology Lab (PROG): TyRuBa. More precisely, the current SOUL is extended with the quasiquoting facilities of TyRuBa. New developments in the area of Declarative Meta-Programming at PROG are now made using SOUL. An overview of the foundations of SOUL and TyRuBa and new changes to the language can be found in the documentation section.
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