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started 10/14/2003; 4:13:58 AM - last post 10/14/2003; 3:09:58 PM
Ehud Lamm - Admin notices  blueArrow
10/14/2003; 4:13:58 AM (reads: 7053, responses: 5)
Admin notices
  • I finally managed to fix the spelling of the LP department. Instead of Logic/Declerative it is now logic/declarative. Some people found this problem to be very important...

  • You can now get XML feeds for each department. For example for Lambda Calculus posts you'd use this link.

  • There's an RSS feed for the discussion group! It's not very good (no author names, for a start), but it's better than nothing.

Posted to admin by Ehud Lamm on 10/14/03; 4:18:36 AM

Patrick Logan - Re: Admin notices  blueArrow
10/14/2003; 5:27:07 AM (reads: 274, responses: 1)
Great! Thanks

Vadim Nasardinov - Re: Admin notices  blueArrow
10/14/2003; 6:06:49 AM (reads: 277, responses: 1)
At the bottom of this page, the elj daily link ( is a 404. How about changing it to while you're at it? Thanks.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Admin notices  blueArrow
10/14/2003; 7:15:31 AM (reads: 272, responses: 0)
I deserve no thanks. I just noticed that Manila suddenly provides these feeds.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Admin notices  blueArrow
10/14/2003; 7:42:48 AM (reads: 278, responses: 0)
Well, cetus links is no elj, so I just deleted the long dead link to elj-daily. I also fixed the Haskell wiki link.

water - Re: Admin notices  blueArrow
10/14/2003; 3:09:58 PM (reads: 218, responses: 0)
What a time saver the discussion RSS is! That's several minutes a day I don't have to spend waiting on LtU refreshes and tracking reply counts in my head. Manila users should campaign to get the user names added to the feed output; I can't picture any reasons against doing it.