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inactiveTopic Visual Basic Programmers Love Anamorphisms
started 10/20/2003; 10:57:13 AM - last post 10/20/2003; 10:57:13 AM
Kory Markevich - Visual Basic Programmers Love Anamorphisms  blueArrow
10/20/2003; 10:57:13 AM (reads: 225, responses: 0)
In his latest blog post Erik Meijer pokes some fun at functional programmers, comparing folds with enumerations. Or at least I think he's just joking around.

Some choice quotes:

"Functional programs often model models, hence the reality that a functional program addresses is, at best, a cousin three times removed."

"Merging and transforming lists is only case where functional programming still wins."

"Pure functional programmers, your days are numbered. The grim reaper is knocking at your door."