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inactiveTopic RFC: A Little IDL
started 3/6/2001; 1:23:03 PM - last post 3/6/2001; 1:23:03 PM
Ehud Lamm - RFC: A Little IDL  blueArrow
3/6/2001; 1:23:03 PM (reads: 1090, responses: 0)
RFC: A Little IDL
(via Scripting News).

IDLs are an important part of what's needed for language neutral components, discussed here recently. This page discusses something a little more specific:

I've been staring with incomprehension at various Interface Definition Languages (or IDLs) for XML-over-HTTP protocols, and wondering why they're so complicated. I thought it might have something to do with the kinds of languages and editing environments they're designed for. To find out where the disconnect is, I decided to define a simple interface definition language in XML that's suitable for scripting environments, and see if people find holes in its functionality, or if it's useful, or something we want to do.

Anyway it is a nice example of XML, and the discussion seems pretty interesting (e.g., an XML structure for defining user interfaces).
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