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inactiveTopic Two-column LtU home page?
started 10/21/2003; 7:27:50 PM - last post 10/22/2003; 10:31:12 PM
Mark Evans - Two-column LtU home page?  blueArrow
10/21/2003; 7:27:50 PM (reads: 202, responses: 5)
LtU seems to me to need a two-column format on the home page. There's lots of whitespace left and right that could be put to good use, retaining stories for longer periods. What do you think? I just want to open the topic; I'm curious whether anyone shares my desire for (slightly) longer story persistency on the home page. Mark

Patrick Logan - Re: Two-column LtU home page?  blueArrow
10/21/2003; 10:28:53 PM (reads: 201, responses: 0)
Maybe longer persistence on the home page, but why not just let them scroll down the page chronologically? Multiple columns means more crowded screens, I'm afraid.

Maybe people with specific ideas would provide mock-ups? I can host examples if you send them to me.

Mark Evans - Re: Two-column LtU home page?  blueArrow
10/21/2003; 10:46:10 PM (reads: 204, responses: 0)

The model I had in mind was a thinned-down version of the layout at The Register. I just see so much wasted whitespace on LtU. The calendar takes up a whole third of the home page, column-wise. It seems we could economize better. Many sites use navigation bars that are much more compressed than LtU's left-hand menu. Chronology could be maintained by left/right alternation on news posts, so that "up" still means "recent," and "down" still means "old."

Ehud Lamm - Re: Two-column LtU home page?  blueArrow
10/22/2003; 5:22:43 AM (reads: 180, responses: 0)
I don't like multi-column layouts. However, it is very easy to add more days to the hoem page. If there's an interest in this, let me know.

Mark Evans - Re: Two-column LtU home page?  blueArrow
10/22/2003; 7:25:59 PM (reads: 160, responses: 0)

Fair enough Ehud. In lieu of a longer home page, or multiple columns, we could implement a second page where older stories migrate and live for a while. Call it the slow cooker or the back burner. It would operate on the same principle as the current home page, stories coming in from the front home page (rather than from direct posts), and expiring into the ether.

The other comment I would make about columns is that narrow columns only make sense in the context of multicolumn layouts. LtU's single column is narrow. If we stick with a single column, we should widen it. That will make room for more content delivery on the home page.

Mark Evans - Re: Two-column LtU home page?  blueArrow
10/22/2003; 10:31:12 PM (reads: 156, responses: 0)
Better yet, just call it "Page 2" and put a link to it right under the "Home" link on the left side nav bar.