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inactiveTopic History of Programming Languages
started 8/23/2000; 9:01:38 PM - last post 8/24/2000; 12:57:58 PM
Zach Garner - History of Programming Languages  blueArrow
8/23/2000; 9:01:38 PM (reads: 414, responses: 1)
The same site that has the UNIX History (as posted on slashdot), also has a Programming Language History diagram and links. It's here:

Definitely worth checking out.

Chris Rathman - Re: History of Programming Languages  blueArrow
8/24/2000; 12:57:58 PM (reads: 421, responses: 0)
The taxonomy of the Language History diagram is not too bad but there are a couple of quibbles. For example, Smalltalk may behave similar to Lisp but Simula was much more influential in it's development. Similarly, Betrand Meyer was heavily influenced by Ada in his design of Eiffel.

Of course, if the diagram was to really show all the relationships, there would be lines going all over the place in all sorts of different directions. :)