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inactiveTopic A skeptic's look at C#
started 3/8/2001; 2:42:14 AM - last post 3/10/2001; 9:02:33 AM
Ehud Lamm - A skeptic's look at C#  blueArrow
3/8/2001; 2:42:14 AM (reads: 1582, responses: 1)
A skeptic's look at C#
Over on JavaLobby

I found that the fundamental reason for this reaction is that Java is, if not quite perfect, as close as you're going to get to a purely Object Oriented language with absolutely no compromises.

A biased but quite lively discussion...
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graydon hoare - Re: A skeptic's look at C#  blueArrow
3/10/2001; 9:02:33 AM (reads: 1129, responses: 0)
specialized syntax for iteration and events is entirely appropriate given the nature of most mainstream software these days. what's sad is that static metaprogramming or even hygenic macros are so poorly supported or understood that people will to sit there and argue over whether such syntax makes an appropriate "language feature".