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inactiveTopic Evolution of a Programmer (Joke)
started 10/22/2003; 10:25:09 PM - last post 10/23/2003; 2:14:54 PM
Mark Evans - Evolution of a Programmer (Joke)  blueArrow
10/22/2003; 10:25:09 PM (reads: 226, responses: 1)

Chris Rathman - Re: Evolution of a Programmer (Joke)  blueArrow
10/23/2003; 2:14:54 PM (reads: 202, responses: 0)
Along a similar line, there was The Evolution of a Haskell Programmer.

Majoring in Economics, I recall the kidding we got. Something along the lines of: If you put three economists in a room, you'd end up with four opinions. Is suppose, if you put three programmers in a room, you'd end up with an infinite number of ways to do the same thing. :-)