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Compaq Web Language
Compaq's Web Language is a scripting language for automating tasks on the World-Wide Web. It is an imperative, interpreted language that has built-in support for common web protocols like HTTP and FTP, and popular data types like HTML and XML.

Written in Java and available for download. Extending the language via Java is supposedly straightforward.

Example scripts are available.

The language provides the concept of service combinators, which are used to enhance reliability:

A service is a high-level language primitive that provides the information of a Web resource. Services encapsulate error detection and handling by abstracting over HTTP. The information and error output of services can be composed in order to create new services with service combinators, potentially with the introduction of concurrency. Error recovery policy and concurrency are modularly embedded within the combined service. The idea is to combine two or more similar services, which may be unreliable, in order to provide a more reliable 'virtual' service. (more)

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