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inactiveTopic EJB discussion (and criticisms)
started 3/10/2001; 9:09:03 AM - last post 3/10/2001; 9:09:03 AM
Chris Rathman - EJB discussion (and criticisms)  blueArrow
3/10/2001; 9:09:03 AM (reads: 566, responses: 0)
EJB discussion (and criticisms)
I've had Enterprise JavaBeans on the brain of late, so you'll have to excuse my lockin on the subject. There was an article at about What's Wrong with the EJB 2 Specification? that lead the discussion thread linked to above. Some interesting perspectives on EJB in general and opinions about particular vendor implementations.

Also, as I listed in the link above, the book Mastering Enterprise Java Beans is available for those who want to learn something about EJB. The book is available for no charge but does require registration.
Posted to OOP by Chris Rathman on 3/10/01; 9:12:18 AM