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started 10/24/2003; 11:42:04 PM - last post 2/6/2004; 8:00:45 PM
Mark Evans - Groovy Language  blueArrow
10/24/2003; 11:42:04 PM (reads: 14771, responses: 2)
Groovy Language

Groovy is a powerful new dynamic language for the JVM combining lots of great features from languages like Python, Ruby and Smalltalk and making them available to the Java developers using a Java-like syntax.

James Strachan has seemingly orphaned his Jelly language for a new-and-improved Java called Groovy. Whatever its merits or demerits, I find this effort an interesting software ecosystem case study. The Groovy team already knows about Nice, Pizza, and Jython (though probably not Flow Java, MultiJava, or Jiazzi), yet feels an urge to roll a new language. Java is spawning a large litter.

Posted to OOP by Mark Evans on 10/24/03; 11:43:30 PM

Isaac Gouy - Re: Groovy Language  blueArrow
1/6/2004; 12:42:18 PM (reads: 201, responses: 0)
Programming Languages for the Java Virtual Machine collects litter.

Mark Evans - Re: Groovy Language  blueArrow
2/6/2004; 8:00:45 PM (reads: 114, responses: 0)

See also Aikido posted on the LL list, Feb. 2004.