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andrew cooke - VHLLs  blueArrow
8/25/2000; 12:20:21 AM (reads: 326, responses: 2)
I'm busy, but discussion readers will know that other links have been posted here (please, when Ehud comes back, all apply to be contributing editors!).

Meantime, a comment about expert shells being declarative led me to Very High Level Languages. As far as I can see from a search of the 'net the term peaked around 1993 with a conference on the subject and it seems there were papaers claiming the title for languages I thought were "just" scripting languages. So what are VHLLs? The link above is the best I could find, but it seems to be aimed at people who think anything newer than C is bleeding edge technology....
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Ehud Lamm - Re: VHLLs  blueArrow
8/26/2000; 2:23:49 PM (reads: 345, responses: 1)
How about SETL?

Ehud Lamm - Re: VHLLs  blueArrow
8/26/2000; 2:37:56 PM (reads: 354, responses: 0)
Perhaps this is a better link.

Notice the description of Ada/ED: an executable semantic model. This is close to the interpreters based approach of EOPL ('...both formal and executable...denotational semantics in a concrete way.)