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inactiveTopic Clean System 2.1 is released
started 10/31/2003; 9:58:33 AM - last post 11/6/2003; 4:12:10 PM
Isaac Gouy - Clean System 2.1 is released  blueArrow
10/31/2003; 9:58:33 AM (reads: 193, responses: 1)
The Clean System 2.1 is released for Windows, MacOS X, Linux and Solaris. Major new features:
  • Abstract synonym types.
  • Boxed records.
  • Mac OS X support including Object I/O 1.2 and IDE (Carbon).
  • Stack overflow checks without overhead.
  • Optimising linkers for Linux and Solaris.
  • Direct code generation on Solaris.
  • Version for Linux that bootstraps from ABC files.
  • New optimisations (tail recursion module cons, division, remainder and multiplications with certain integer constants).
  • Major improvements in the implementation of dynamics (Windows only).
  • Numerous improvements and bug fixes.

Brent Fulgham - Re: Clean System 2.1 is released  blueArrow
11/6/2003; 4:12:10 PM (reads: 111, responses: 0)
Note that as always, a Debian build can be had at