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inactiveTopic Constraint Languages
started 8/26/2000; 7:14:12 AM - last post 8/26/2000; 2:14:03 PM
andrew cooke - Constraint Languages  blueArrow
8/26/2000; 7:14:12 AM (reads: 586, responses: 1)
Constraint Languages
A few days ago when we were discussing declarative/inferential languages I don't remember anyone mentioning the word constraint.

This article is from the same site as the earlier one on APL/J - it contains a few other interesting bits and pieces, but is unfortunately a bit dated in places.
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Ehud Lamm - Re: Constraint Languages  blueArrow
8/26/2000; 2:14:03 PM (reads: 639, responses: 0)
The article points to comp.constraints which seems alive, though heavily spammed. I used to read it. Now I'll add it to my list again...

BTW: Would you call constraint-solving a methodology? Maybe a paradigm?