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started 11/4/2003; 4:46:43 PM - last post 11/5/2003; 7:38:01 AM
Isaac Gouy - MS PDC Session slides  blueArrow
11/4/2003; 4:46:43 PM (reads: 259, responses: 1)
Microsoft PDC 2003 Sessions
There are PowerPoint slides for many of the 120 sessions

Chris Rathman - Re: MS PDC Session slides  blueArrow
11/5/2003; 7:38:01 AM (reads: 261, responses: 0)
Thanks. I've long since stopped being on the bleeding edge of the MS product lines, but I am interested in the direction they are taking SQLServer in general and Transact-SQL in particular. I don't see any major new features for T-SQL in the presentations - from a language perspective.

I guess it'll be nice to a have a CLR in the database process (similar to what Oracle did with the JVM). But as the PPT slides make clear, you still use T-SQL for the data intensive processing - and if you're on the database what else are you doing but data intensive processing.

On my wish list is a module system (similar to PL/SQL packages) and the ability to pass table variables around as procedure parameters and return values.