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inactiveTopic The JScript Type System, Part One
started 11/6/2003; 2:44:30 AM - last post 11/6/2003; 11:58:32 AM
Dan Shappir - The JScript Type System, Part One  blueArrow
11/6/2003; 2:44:30 AM (reads: 7562, responses: 1)
The JScript Type System, Part One
I thought I might spend a few days talking about the JScript and JScript .NET type systems, starting with some introductory material.

Eric, a Microsoft JScript and JScript.NET guy, begins a discussion of the ins and outs of the JScript type system.

There is a lot of terminology associated with type systems. What exactly is weak typing? What is a subtype? Just what is a type anyway? These terms are often bandied about and seldom actually defined precisely.

First installment is an introduction of types in the context of JavaScript.

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Isaac Gouy - Re: The JScript Type System, Part One  blueArrow
11/6/2003; 11:58:32 AM (reads: 305, responses: 0)
Ehud provided a reference work for type system terminology a while ago.

My understanding of type systems is poor - so I find it much more helpful when we can use the same basic terminology. I don't see what the problem is with Luca Cardelli's definitions.

Maybe there's some concern about negative connotations when a language is described as untyped? Have we just abbreviated too much? Should that be a language with untyped variables?

Seems right to me that we can describe Smalltalk as untyped and safe, and C as typed and unsafe.