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inactiveTopic C and system-level design
started 3/18/2001; 6:35:51 PM - last post 3/19/2001; 1:13:02 PM
Chris Rathman - C and system-level design  blueArrow
3/18/2001; 6:35:51 PM (reads: 767, responses: 1)
C and system-level design
Having worked with a number of EE's over the years, it was my conclusion that Electrical Engineers are highly specialized Software Engineers. Most everything seemed to involve either designing the hardware via software packages, or programming the hardware to perform the desired chore.

The link article clarifies that C is still the language of choice for most hardware design (and by extension embedded systems development). I guess it's only natural since C is closer to the metal.
Posted to Software-Eng by Chris Rathman on 3/18/01; 6:38:17 PM

Ehud Lamm - Re: C and system-level design  blueArrow
3/19/2001; 1:13:02 PM (reads: 824, responses: 0)
I had a feeling that a few folks are using Ada...