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Patrick Logan - Languages by people in  blueArrow
11/13/2003; 2:32:41 PM (reads: 11480, responses: 1)
Languages by people in
The langsmiths Yahoo group is made up of a number of people experimenting with their own language designs. (It's also made up of lurkers like me, but that's not the point.)

Mike Austin recently collected information about the languages under development and formatted them into a very handy web page.
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water - Re: Languages by people in  blueArrow
11/13/2003; 3:56:16 PM (reads: 398, responses: 0)

Wow, Slate (my project) is listed. I remember joining the langsmiths over a year ago, when someone asked about it. It's odd that it's listed since I left the list a month or two later, a little dissatisfied since most members seemed to be there just to "scratch an itch" in language design. Most of the languages there struck me as being a bit quirky in retrospect.

It's actually a little amusing to see "Slate" listed next to "Onyx" (I hadn't heard of it before) and "Mica" (I remember it as Poe) now, although I'm not sure they really fit together so much. :-)