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started 8/26/2000; 7:32:12 AM - last post 8/28/2000; 12:13:40 AM
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8/26/2000; 7:32:12 AM (reads: 320, responses: 2)
ICFP Competition
Sorry, should have posted this yesterday - was so annoyed at the late announcement (that's my excuse for not entering) I never thought of passing it on. Hasn't started as I post this...
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8/26/2000; 8:43:00 AM (reads: 333, responses: 0)
What language would people use if they were entering?

I've not done much programming recently (apart from work). About 6 months ago I would have chosen Lisp, but I suspect I've forgotten a lot of what I'd learnt (used it enough to be happy with it, but not enough for it to be etched into my memory), which would have left me with Python (work is C or Java, but either would be hopeless - both too slow to develop in).

Hopefully I'll be programming again by next year (at the moment I'm building an amplifier instead!) and it would be nice to enter with either Oz or OCaml, if I learn either by then...

OCaml won last year, if I remember correctly. A very impressive effort with different team members tackling different tasks in a robust fail-safe approach. A while before that, J took honours. (Or rather, programmers using those languages did - whatever the subject of this newsgroup, much more credit must go to them than the languages!).

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8/28/2000; 12:13:40 AM (reads: 368, responses: 0)
If you're wondering about the ICFP competition link - it did work at the weekend; it seems that Cornell have messed up their server this morning/last night (it's not just the ICFP pages that have gone). Hopefully they'll be back soon....