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inactiveTopic Moving FP from Academia
started 3/21/2001; 12:07:31 AM - last post 3/21/2001; 12:07:31 AM
andrew cooke - Moving FP from Academia  blueArrow
3/21/2001; 12:07:31 AM (reads: 391, responses: 0)
Moving FP from Academia
A debate is raging on c.l.functional about how to get functional languages from academia to industry. This link covers many of the posts, but it's better to read the discussion in a threaded usenet newsreader (I use Netscape).

In the middle it gets a bit bogged down in funding problems, but there are good points about: the importance of libraries and documentation; what researchers should be researching; what people want languages to do etc.
Posted to functional by andrew cooke on 3/21/01; 12:08:42 AM