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Ehud Lamm - Web Architecture: Extensible Languages  blueArrow
11/17/2003; 3:12:54 PM (reads: 11524, responses: 0)
Web Architecture: Extensible Languages
Perhaps this W3C Note dated February 1998 is well known, and it is certainly related to issues I mentioned here repeatedly in the past, but I don't recall seeing it before, and I don't think it was metioned on LtU. I think it merits a link, even if only as an historical data point.

A message should be considered an expression and, if one takes an analogy with programming languages, the analogy should be with an expression or program rather than with a function call. [Or, if considered a function call, strictly, the parameters have to be extended to allow other nested function calls]. In this case, there may be many functions identified, in many interfaces. In other words, don't think of an HTTP message or an HTML document as an RPC call, but rather as the transmission of a expression in some language.

Putting aside the analogy between Web documents/schemas and programs/programming languages, which is used throughout the essay, another reason why it should be of interest to LtU readers is that deals with the design of XML vocabularies. The infrastructure supporting XML vocabularies, including namespaces, schemas, the notion of 'well-formedness' etc. is given preliminary consideration.

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