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Forum topicOrder structure, an excercise in abstraction and multiple inheritance hbrandl2012-05-31 01:24
Forum topicProofs as programs hbrandl2012-05-29 09:43
Forum topicPredicates, ghost predicates and higher order predicates hbrandl2012-05-17 19:27
Forum topicTuples, functions, ghost functions and higher order functions hbrandl2012-04-30 14:55
Forum topicInheritance and formal verification of software hbrandl2012-04-24 14:23
Forum topicSpecification and implementation of modules in Modern Eiffel hbrandl2012-04-21 16:47
Forum topicPredicate calculus in program verification hbrandl2012-04-02 23:41
Forum topicReasoning with inductive types hbrandl2012-03-09 14:54
Forum topicNegation and proofs by contradiction with the proof engine hbrandl2012-02-27 18:27
Forum topicIntroduction to the proof engine for static verification of software hbrandl2012-02-20 17:46
Forum topicLanguage outline of Modern Eiffel (SW Verification) hbrandl2012-01-31 19:20
Forum topicCorrectness proofs demonstrated with natural numbers hbrandl2011-09-14 20:34
Forum topicModern Eiffel hbrandl2011-03-27 18:56
Forum topicA proof engine for Eiffel hbrandl2010-07-24 21:09
Forum topicA solution to the catcall problem in Eiffel hbrandl2010-05-23 13:15
Forum topicThe Theory and Calculus of Aliasing Bertrand_Meyer2010-01-27 01:40