Implicit Behavioral Subtyping

I have posted a draft of an article about implicit behavioral subtyping in the Heron programming language at I believe it to be original research, but I still have many more papers to plow through. I was wondering if anyone could help me out. That includes pointing out mistakes, or similar research which should be mentioned. Thanks a lot!

New for Python 2.5

"What's New in Python 2.5"

Of interest are:

If the Python crew is adding partial application to the language, I'm curious why they wouldn't have gone the whole hog and added in partial evaulation.

Pi-calculus and mobile system books

Am looking at books on process calculii, and am wondering what is thought of the following:

* Milner's Communicating and Mobile Systems: The Pi-Calculus
* Sangiorgi and Walker's The Pi-Calculus: A Theory of Mobile Processes
* Fokkink's Introduction to Process Algebra

All three are at Powell's; unfortunately, all three are currently only stocked in their warehouse in town. I prefer not to ask them to transfer a book to their retail outlets, unless there's a good chance I might purchase it--so any recommendations on which one(s) I should investigate first?

I already have Hoare's Communicating Sequential Processes, so no need to recommend that (though I recommend it to others who are interested).