Rebol - Dialects, Spreadsheets

Gregg Irwin just sent an interesting email (about Rebol) to the pragprog mailing list. I can't work out how to access the Yahoo archives so instead I'll post chunks here. But first I'll give some background links (there's also two links at the very end of this post to a two part article on an implementation of a spreadsheet in Rebol - I'm not sure how the cells communicate, but that might be interesting):

  1. Rebol dialects - blocks that carry condensed meaning through the use of a different grammar (ordering) of values and words. Dialects are usually unique and well-suited to the problems they are designed to solve. (DSLs)
  2. Tutorial
  3. License - a bit odd/worrying (how can you not modify a language that expressly encourages DSLs?)

Fragments of the email inside...