Semantic Distance: NLP Not a Resource Sink

Following the story on Mind Mappers and other RDF comments of late, I thought this NLP slide show (PDF) should get a story. Dr. Adrian Walker offers an interesting perspective in a friendly crayon-colored format, including a critique of RDF. Source site Internet Business Logic has other offerings including an online demo.

Infrastructure Announcement

Later today we will be upgrading the Drupal software used to run LtU, and migrating to a new server.

Hopefully, this move will ensure that we have fewer outages and better performance.

We will not be rolling out any major new features today, but the Drupal upgrade allows us to solve some of the problems you've all be complaining about, and we will be offering new features over time.

When we are stable again, and once we all have a chance to catch our breath, we'll get around to adding the Wiki component we've been dreaming about for some time (aka the LtU-opedia...).

The first step, however, is ensuring today's move goes according to plan. Anton is on the case, so we don't have a lot to worry about. If you experience any problems with LtU once the server move is complete, please let us know ASAP.

Be advised that for a short period of time posting to the site will be disabled.

Choice of OS of LtU readers

A totally different question for in the fun department,

I was wondering about the 'geekiness' of the LtU crowd. As one of the measures of that would be choice of OS people work on, I wondered

What is your favourite OS you work on (at home, or at the office)?

I run Fedore Core 3 on an Asus S5N notebook.