Javascript Inheritance

This seems like a nice summary of various approaches, and provides an interesting prespective on prototype based languages in general and on Javascript in particular. Some of the libraries mentioned were discussed here before.

It is tempting to compare this to various documents trying to show "how to add objects to Scheme/Haskell/etc." The solutions are rather similar...


(via Daily Python-URL)

The key idea behind MyHDL is the use of Python generators to model hardware concurrency. Generators are best described as resumable functions. In MyHDL, generators are used in a specific way so that they become similar to always blocks in Verilog or processes in VHDL.

A hardware module is modeled as a function that returns any number of generators. This approach makes it straightforward to support features such as arbitrary hierarchy, named port association, arrays of instances, and conditional instantiation.

MyHDL is an open-source package for using Python as a hardware description and verification language. A Verilog converter is also included.

EE Times provides some background on MyHDL in this article.

Rho calculus

The Rho-calculus is a calculus of pattern matching that embeds the lambda-calculus in a very simple manner, and also naturally accomodates a number of extensions of the lambda-calculus. It encodes the results of pattern matching in a manner that ensures confluence of the whole calculus.

It was proposed by Horatiu Cirstea and Claude Kirchner in 1998, and Matching Power, a 2001 RTA paper, is maybe the nicest introduction to the calculus. Kirchner's research group maintains a list of papers.

Postscript There was an LtU classic story on the rho-calculus as well...