How to type polymorphic variants with open generic functions?

I'd like to implement a language with polymorphic variants, but instead of using pattern matching, I'd like to use Common Lisp-like generic functions that are defined with define-generic, and to which cases can be added with define-method.

Where in pseudo-ML I'd say

let length list =
  case list of 
    `Nil -> 0
  | `Cons _ cdr -> 1 + length cdr

in my language I'd say

(define-generic length)
(define-method (length `Nil) 0) 
(define-method (length (`Cons _ cdr)) (+ 1 (length cdr))) 

I'd like to able to add methods in different compilation units, and only type-check generic functions at the end of compile-time, once all methods are known. Another possibility might be to defer type checking of generic functions to link time.

Any ideas or pointers to things I should check out? I'm currently reading Simple Type Inference for Structural Polymorphism, and TAPL is lying on the coffee table.

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