Finding Solutions vs. Verifying Solutions

[Edit] Due to a conversation below, it turned out that sets P and NP are commonly defined differently than I considered them in my initial report. Updated report with the same content, but without this inconsistency can be found here: Finding Solutions vs. Verifying Solutions. I also changed the blog title from "P is not equal to NP" to the above.

Below is the initial, but obsolete post kept for conversational reasons:

In this short report, I argue that P is not equal to NP.

Summary: an approach is made by analyzing functions and their inverses mappings between domain and codomain elements. Drawn conclusions state that verifying data is an inverse function of finding solutions to the same problem. Further observation implies that P is not equal to NP.

Any thoughts?

SW verification continues

There is new release of the Albatross compiler available.

The Albatross programming language shoots at making verified software construction available to everybody.

The language description has been completely updated. The document describes how to get the compiler.

The previous releases already contained induction and recursion and even inductive sets.

The most important new feature is abstract data types. Abstract data types are realized by abstract classes, abstract functions and abstract properties. By using the abstraction it is possible to verify a lot of properties which can be inherited by any type which satisfies the concept of the abstract data type.

The design of the language is still an ongoing activity any comment. Hints, issue reports etc. are welcome.