ADMIN: You NEED to set up HTTPS soon

Chromium has already started to report this site as "insecure" in its title bar.

Firefox will do in the next release, I think.

It's already a chore to even sign in because the browsers require extra confirmation for filling in forms (passwords) for anything non-HTTPS nowadays.

I have no idea about the hosting details of LtU, but good hosting providers already offer some sort of Let's Encrypt intregration these days, so please opt in to that, if you can. If you're self-hosting I think there should be a reasonably approachable solution to this issue. Feel free to contact me privately (you have my e-mail!) and I'll try to connect you with someone who knows exactly what to do.

EDIT: I had a brief look around for relevant admin email adresses on the site and didn't find any. Hence my post. (Plus formatting.)