Specialized File/Disk Systems for Actor Environments

Hi Folks,

It occurs to me that every once in a while someone takes a radically different approach to file system design - to better match disk (or now SSD) i/o to the nature of the processing going on. Database File Systems come to mind. Maybe Hadoop FS?

It strikes me that large clouds of actors - as in Erlang - might better be supported/represented by something other than a standard file system. (This is in the context of starting to design a system that might run on Erlang on bare iron, which leads to the question of whether there are some storage optimizations to consider.)

Any thoughts, references, etc?


Miles Fidelman

Limits of Computability

There are many models of computation: E.g. Recursive functions (Goedel/Herbrand), Turing maching and lambda calculus.

These models can be used to explore the limits of computability. The lambda calculus is a very good model to explore the limits of computability.

I have written a little paper demonstrating these limits. It avoids a lot of math and should be easy to read without loss of precision.