John Shutt, creator of Kernel and an LtU regular, dies at 56

Apparently he was also a wikinews contributor as they have an obituary: Wikinews mourns loss of volunteer John Shutt

On Friday, Wikinews learned Dr John Nathan Shutt, a long-time contributor to both Wikinews and Wikibooks, died on Wednesday. Editing under the name Pi zero, he was at the time the top contributor to Wikinews by edit count, and came third on English Wikibooks. Dr Shutt was 56 years old.

Edit: John's post tracking page

Data-Oriented programming: Unlearning objects (a new book from Manning Publications)

Data-Oriented programming is a new book from Manning Publications that has just entered MEAP with a couple of chapters ready.

There are three main principles behind this book :

1. It is language agnostic (applicable to FP and OO languages)
2. It is practically oriented (lots of code snippets)
3. It is fun to read (conversation style)

You may find additional information about the book and its content in the freely available Chapter 1 .

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I am the author and I'd be glad to answer any questions regarding this book.