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Sat, Jul 29, 2000; by Ehud Lamm.

  1. 1986 Lectures Structure & Interpretation of Computer Programs, Hal Abelson and Gerry Sussman
  2. CS200: Computer Science from Ada and Euclid to Quantum Computing and the World Wide Web (University of Virginia) (introduction to CS from a programming language POV)
  3. Courses using EOPL/EOPL2 (use Scheme; Interpreters based)
  4. Courses using Concepts, Techniques, and Models of Computer Programming: KTH (Stockholm), UCL (Louvain-la-Neuve) second year course , UCL third year course.
  5. Programming Languages (Utah) (EOPL2 based)
  6. Advanced Topics in Programming Languages (BGU) (EOPL based) / Spring 2000
  7. The Design and Implementation of Programming Languages (uses ML; Interpreters)
  8. Programming Languages (Princeton) (uses ML and Java. Andrew Appel)
  9. CPSC 511: Programming Languages (UBC) (Gregor Kiczales. "The goal of this course is to prepare you to participate in modern programming language design research.")
  10. CS 2135: Programming Language Concepts (WPI) (Kathi Fisler. Domain specific little languages are designed and implemented step by step.)
  11. Principles of Programming Languages (UCSD) (Joseph Goguen)
  12. CS152-Programming Languages (Harvard) (Norman Ramsey)
  13. CS655: Programming Languages, University of Virginia / Spring 2000 (Notice the mock trial! Some interesting project topics)
  14. Design and Analysis of Programming Languages (Berkeley) (emphasis on semantics and type systems)
  15. Fundamentals of Programming Languages (University of Colorado) (Based on a collection of papers; the site contains worksheets + summaries)

More theoretical, or surrounding topics:
  1. Graduate Courses About Programming Languages
  2. Comp Sci 319: Lambda Calculus (University of Chicago)
  3. DSLs: A Logical Approach (University of British Columbia)
  4. Mobile Processes (Uppsala University), winter/spring 1995
  5. COS 598E:Foundations of Language-Based Security (Princeton)
  6. Type Systems for Modularity (Robert Harper)
  7. Designing and Using Combinators: The Essence of Functional Programming (John Hughes)
  8. Advanced Course on Memory Management (Technion)
  9. Special Topics in Domain Specific Languages (University of Alabama at Birmingham)
If you want your course listed here, let me know.

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