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inactiveTopic StarLogo: Give the Gift of Learning
started 12/19/2003; 9:19:16 AM - last post 12/28/2003; 4:37:21 AM
Chris Rathman - StarLogo: Give the Gift of Learning  blueArrow
12/19/2003; 9:19:16 AM (reads: 6653, responses: 3)
StarLogo: Give the Gift of Learning
Being as I'll be in the process of reading Computer Science Logo Style during the season break, I thought I'd forward on the advertisement of what you should offer the little tykes:

StarLogo is a open-ended environment that allows kids of all ages to create, explore, and learn while having fun. This holiday season, give a gift that keeps on giving -- learn StarLogo with your kids. I hope you have a lot of fun together. Cowabunga, Dudes!

Ok, so your kids probably need to have an inclination for programming languages - my oldest 2 boys would prefer Final Fantasy X-2. But my youngest enjoys exploring on the computer, and I'll be using the software to learn along with her. Of the programming languages that were written for teaching ankle biters (e.g. smalltalk, python), only logo seems to have remained focused on that goal.
Posted to teaching/learning by Chris Rathman on 12/19/03; 9:21:04 AM

Peter Van Roy - Re: StarLogo: Give the Gift of Learning  blueArrow
12/20/2003; 10:04:29 AM (reads: 220, responses: 1)
Another programming environment for children is ToonTalk (maybe already mentioned on LtU). It shows an animated graphical world that can be programmed graphically, by example. Even young children (younger than 10) can enjoy it.

Under the hood, ToonTalk is a concurrent constraint language, so it has a deep relationship with Oz.

andrew cooke - Re: StarLogo: Give the Gift of Learning  blueArrow
12/21/2003; 4:20:34 AM (reads: 197, responses: 0)
I pushed ToonTalk here a while (years?) ago, but never bought it myself. It's still on my list of things to do. I thought the author turned up here, but I've just googled and can't find his posts. Maybe it was private email.

Ehud Lamm - Re: StarLogo: Give the Gift of Learning  blueArrow
12/28/2003; 4:37:21 AM (reads: 99, responses: 0)
COP4E, anybody?

For the acronym challenged: That's Concurrency Oriented Programming for Everyone.