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started 1/5/2004; 6:30:33 PM - last post 1/6/2004; 12:02:16 AM
Patrick Logan - Free Smalltalk Books  blueArrow
1/5/2004; 6:30:33 PM (reads: 7660, responses: 1)
Free Smalltalk Books
Stéphane Ducasse has been collecting free Smalltalk books and other articles, and has made them available electronically for your enjoyment and learning. A great resource spanning the lifetime of Smalltalk.
Posted to teaching/learning by Patrick Logan on 1/5/04; 6:30:58 PM

Karl Reitschuster - Re: Free Smalltalk Books  blueArrow
1/6/2004; 12:02:16 AM (reads: 301, responses: 0)
Great!! carl r.