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Ehud Lamm - Refal programming language  blueArrow
4/25/2004; 3:18:21 PM (reads: 11885, responses: 3)
Refal programming language
Refal (for REcursive Functions Algorithmic Language) is a functional programming language oriented toward symbol manipulation: string processing, translation, artificial intelligence. Functional programming languages enjoy well-deserved popularity nowadays. One of the oldest members of this family (first implemented in 1968 in Russia, where it has been widely used ever since), Refal combines mathematical simplicity with practicality for writing big and sophisticated programs.

I don't recall seeing this language before.

It looks rather amusing.

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Ehud Lamm - Re: Refal programming language  blueArrow
4/25/2004; 3:26:10 PM (reads: 502, responses: 0)
When they write that Refal is a strict functional langauge they mean that it is what we would now call a pure functional language.

Andris Birkmanis - Re: Refal programming language  blueArrow
4/26/2004; 12:05:40 AM (reads: 416, responses: 0)
I don't recall seeing this language before.

Oops, I always thought I found LtU through a link from one of Turchin's projects, and somehow that made me assume LtU readers are aware of him... My fault...

It looks rather amusing.

Yes, I was impressed as well :-) Knowing that you like philosophy (as such or of science?) you may be interested in visiting Principia Cybernetica project (Turchin being a co-editor).

Officially devoted to cybernetics (and therefore to systems), the project taght me (a little) about system thinking, metasystem transitions, evolution, entropy, and many other things people can use in their everyday life.

Check their library for interesting reading.

The US mirror used to be outdated, but may be ok already.

Andris Birkmanis - Re: Refal programming language  blueArrow
4/26/2004; 12:40:08 AM (reads: 406, responses: 0)
I don't remember exactly, what was the proposed procedure for the supercompiling: was it a one-time action, with the optimized code being put back into manual editing cycle, or it was to be performed every time? If later, then why to produce Java source?

Why didn't it bother me when I read this for the first time... Need to refresh the memory...