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started 5/1/2004; 6:59:33 AM - last post 5/4/2004; 9:57:47 AM
andrew cooke - Programming in dc  blueArrow
5/1/2004; 6:59:33 AM (reads: 23459, responses: 3)
Programming in dc
Anything is possible, if only we dream...

(from the concatenative list - hope the url stays current as it looks susipiciouly like a dhcp address)
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andrew cooke - Re: Programming in dc  blueArrow
5/1/2004; 7:03:22 AM (reads: 442, responses: 0)
More dc jinx here on the list (didn't include it in the main post because it may be a subscription only link). And apologies for the spelling typo.

Chris Rathman - Re: Programming in dc  blueArrow
5/1/2004; 12:25:06 PM (reads: 375, responses: 0)
Links work fine for me. Wonder if it also qualifies as the first DSL for Big Numbers on Unix?

On a related note, there was a posting a slashdot about the new TI-84 Plus. For myself, programmable calculators are as quaint as slide rules. Used to use them heavily back in the late '80s, but access to personal computers with dynamic PL's has made them antiquated.

I did go shopping for calculators a couple of weeks back (two of my kids needed them for their classes). I was wanting to purchase one for myself, but my need was for a hex calculator with minimum functions. Unfortunately, the calculators that have hex and binary capabilities are weighed down with way too many functions (stats, etc.) that I have no use for in a handheld. They also treat the numbers A-F as second class, making entering hex numbers a pain. OTOH, the simpler calculators don't support hex, so they are of no use to me.

David B. Wildgoose - Re: Programming in dc  blueArrow
5/4/2004; 9:57:47 AM (reads: 130, responses: 0)
Sounds like you need the new HP33s calculator. If you check it out you will see that it handles different number bases with aplomb.

And it has optional RPN as well, which all true calculator users know is the One True Way to Calculator Nirvana.

Ah, the HP RPN calculator vs TI Algebraic split. Makes the vi / Emacs war look like a minor disagreement. :-)