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started 5/2/2004; 6:06:35 AM - last post 5/2/2004; 6:53:37 AM
andrew cooke - Enjoy the Soundness  blueArrow
5/2/2004; 6:06:35 AM (reads: 23241, responses: 2)
Enjoy the Soundness
All I ever wanted, all I ever needed, is here in ML...

MP3 (ie sound) file at link. From the CSE Band via the eclectic Computational Complexity Web Log.

Apologies for two fun posts in two days, but some of these had me laughing out loud.
Posted to fun by andrew cooke on 5/2/04; 6:08:22 AM

andrew cooke - Re: Enjoy the Soundness  blueArrow
5/2/2004; 6:09:24 AM (reads: 480, responses: 0)
And someone round here should get themselves a Theory Girl.

Oh, maybe the studio version of Enjoy the Soundness would have been better on the front page?

(wow, server is immediately slower after posting. go easy people!)

Ehud Lamm - Re: Enjoy the Soundness  blueArrow
5/2/2004; 6:53:37 AM (reads: 478, responses: 0)
Good stuff!