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inactiveTopic Meta Math - new Chaitin Book
started 6/11/2004; 12:38:25 PM - last post 6/12/2004; 1:53:58 PM
andrew cooke - Meta Math - new Chaitin Book  blueArrow
6/11/2004; 12:38:25 PM (reads: 4209, responses: 2)
Meta Math - new Chaitin Book
I think this is new - it appears to be coming out as a paper book next year and has just been reviewed on Slashdot. It looks like a "popular" intro to his work.

(We've discussed Chaitin before).
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Mark Evans - Re: Meta Math - new Chaitin Book  blueArrow
6/11/2004; 4:44:00 PM (reads: 223, responses: 0)

Chaitin makes a number of faith-leaps regarding the applicability of his results. One is relevant to LtU.

Similarly, proving correctness of software using formal methods is hopeless. Debugging is done experimentally, by trial and error....

Experimentation is the only way to 'prove' that software is correct. Traditional mathematical proofs are only possible in toy worlds, not in the real world. The real world is too complicated.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Meta Math - new Chaitin Book  blueArrow
6/12/2004; 1:53:58 PM (reads: 170, responses: 0)
I took a quick look and it looks like he is trying too hard to be cute.