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inactiveTopic 99 Bottles: Take one down...
started 5/6/2001; 11:52:46 PM - last post 5/7/2001; 5:22:26 AM
Chris Rathman - 99 Bottles: Take one down...  blueArrow
5/6/2001; 11:52:46 PM (reads: 1722, responses: 1)
99 Bottles: Take one down...
For some inexplicable reason, Tim Robinson's 99 Bottles page just disappeared off the net earlier this year. The above is a mirror of the original site as it existed prior to going off the air.

There's also an effort to go forward with the page, though it may be too preliminary to judge who will ultimately maintain the site and provide additions. (The original site hasn't really been maintained since '98).
Posted to fun by Chris Rathman on 5/6/01; 11:56:57 PM

Ehud Lamm - Re: 99 Bottles: Take one down...  blueArrow
5/7/2001; 5:22:26 AM (reads: 897, responses: 0)
I liked the visual languages examples.