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inactiveTopic The VB.NET Hillbillies
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Chris Rathman - The VB.NET Hillbillies  blueArrow
5/14/2001; 1:31:47 AM (reads: 1396, responses: 0)
The VB.NET Hillbillies
Under the category of "for amusement only" lyrics of a song to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies.

Seems that all is not well in the land of VB, as MS tries to clean up the language a bit and fit it into the mold of their .NET framework. Of course, coders that rely on the numeric value of truth (as opposed to Not False) probably deserve having their software break (and they probably deserve VB even more). :-)
Posted to fun by Chris Rathman on 5/14/01; 1:36:29 AM