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5/17/2001; 9:52:38 AM (reads: 457, responses: 1)
Dynamic Languages Panel download
We've covered this before, but all three discussions are now available.

The third is, imho, by far the best, containing: a useful definition of dynamic languages; a good joke from Maeda; thought-provoking asides on OOP; and positive comments about Haskell (a bit of a change from the general pro-Scheme/Lisp comments in the other sessions).
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5/20/2001; 10:12:34 AM (reads: 519, responses: 0)
[spoiler follows ;-]

In case anyone is deeply frustrated by the tantalisiing highlights list, but refuses to watch this video:

- The definition of a dynamic language was one that postponed as many decisions as possible to run-time.

- Maeda's joke came up during a discussion on how to provide interactive programming environments. The Microsoft paperclip help "thing" appears as you start to type code into the IDE: "I see that you are writing a compiler..." (OK, maybe you had to be there!)