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Ehud Lamm - Microsoft Plans Shared Source .NET  blueArrow
6/29/2001; 1:46:45 PM (reads: 316, responses: 0)
Microsoft Plans Shared Source .NET
Everybody is linking to this story, so I thought not to mention it here, but the following caught my attention. Industry interest in academia can be quite useful,but I have a feeling that as usual Microsoft is waking up a bit too late:

Tim: You've mentioned the academic community a couple of times. And I know from previous conversations with people at Microsoft that one of your biggest concerns about Java is its penetration in university computer science curricula. It seems in that area at least that you have Java envy. Is this designed to attack that problem?

Stutz: We are certainly interested in making this something the academic community would embrace warmly. I would certainly not describe it as Java envy. We believe there's a lot of interesting content in the CLI, lots of very interesting language infrastructure there. The C# language is a great language. It's a nice modern language that fixes a lot of the things that were wrong with VB and fixes a lot of the things that were wrong with Java, and other languages that use runtimes in that way. So we definitely are trying to appeal to the academic community on this.

It would take quite a while for course plans to change, even if instructors decide to concentrate on C# instead of Java. It took Java quite some time to become semi-mainstream in academia.

I don't think we mentioned C# when discussing possible first programming language choices.

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