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started 7/13/2001; 3:07:07 AM - last post 7/13/2001; 4:42:23 PM
Biep - Simon Peyton Jones  blueArrow
7/13/2001; 3:07:07 AM (reads: 1949, responses: 2)
Simon Peyton Jones
His past and (Microsoft) present.

This is a social, not a technical history. Are people interested in this kind of thing? Would you consider it appropriate here?
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Ehud Lamm - Re: Simon Peyton Jones  blueArrow
7/13/2001; 3:37:04 AM (reads: 842, responses: 0)
I find it totally appropriate. But is this really history ?

Michael Christopher Vanier - Re: Simon Peyton Jones  blueArrow
7/13/2001; 4:42:23 PM (reads: 832, responses: 0)
I agree with Ehud. Perhaps we need a "people" department? :-)