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Ehud Lamm - Gosling: The Story of Java  blueArrow
7/21/2001; 12:48:19 PM (reads: 1672, responses: 0)
Gosling: The Story of Java
Nothing particularly new here, but this presentation is a nice overview.

Gosling says that different people like Java for different reasons. One wonders, if those who hate it all hate it for the same reasons...

Some points caught my attention.

Gosling emphasizes the security as reliability angle of Java: most security holes are, in fact, program reliability problems (i.e., bugs). Since this is true, it is sad that Java's security model is based mostly on the JVM and not on things like assertions and DbC.

One point that appears on the slides, is the importnace of versioning to solve the fragile base class problem. However, as far as I know, Java doesn't address this - C# does.

The slide covering the various factors making SE hard is great. I think I am going to use it in my classes.

(Note: Since the presentation is long, you may wnat to start at the end, rather than at the beginning.)

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