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Ehud Lamm - programming languages with chicken  blueArrow
10/4/2001; 9:49:18 AM (reads: 1549, responses: 2)
programming languages with chicken
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APL: The chicken crosses the road, but nobody else can figure out how you made the chicken do it.

Posted to fun by Ehud Lamm on 10/4/01; 9:49:38 AM

jon fernquest - Re: programming languages with chicken  blueArrow
10/9/2001; 12:23:55 AM (reads: 693, responses: 1)
Haskell Chicken

A lazy chicken wanders all over town only crossing streets when it has to (1). It won't tell you where it's been (2) but you know it will always arrive at the same spot on the other side of the street (3).

(1 = lazy evaluation of function arguments)
(2 = tracing execution and debugging programs not as straightforward as it is in strict functional languages like ML or Scheme)
(3 = Church-Rosser Theorem = different orders of reduction/evaluation still give same results = order of reduction doesn't matter = there is no more than one normal form to be reduced to, also see EOPL)

Ehud Lamm - Re: programming languages with chicken  blueArrow
10/9/2001; 5:10:04 AM (reads: 753, responses: 0)