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Ehud Lamm - Generic Haskell  blueArrow
11/2/2001; 7:49:52 AM (reads: 393, responses: 0)
Generic Haskell
First release of the compiler is now available.

Polyp, a predecessor of Generic Haskell, was discussed here at length in the past, as was generic programming in general.

Generic Haskell includes the following features:

  • type-indexed values - generic functions definable for all Haskell data types.

  • kind-indexed types - for giving types to type-indexed values

  • type-indexed types - types which are indexed over the type constructors underlying Haskell datatypes.

The Generic Haskell compiler takes Generic Haskell source and produces Haskell code (which is in most cases Haskell 98 compliant).

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