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Ehud Lamm - SPITBOL 360  blueArrow
11/17/2001; 3:53:10 AM (reads: 1726, responses: 0)
SPITBOL 360 is an implementation of the SNOBOL4 programming language for use on IBM 360 compatible computers. SPITBOL 360 was the first true compiler for SNOBOL4 and is an incredibly clever work of assembly language.

I am not sure how many LtU readers would even recognize a /360, /370 or /390 if it hit them in the nose, but since I worked on an MVS system for some six years, I have a soft spot for these beasts...

I also have a soft spot for string processing languages. I even tried to install Icon on an MVS system once, It didn't work... But this is even cooler

Robert Dewar's code is always worth reading, so if you are into ASM/360 (BAL), you may enjoy taking a look.

If you are more interested in SPITBOL itself than in the assembly source code, you may want to check out the Ada implementation of the pattern matching algorithms, created by Dewar and supplied with the GNAT Ada compiler.

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