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inactiveTopic Compo - a language to describe music
started 1/31/2002; 9:49:09 PM - last post 1/31/2002; 9:49:09 PM
Chad Slaughter - Compo - a language to describe music  blueArrow
1/31/2002; 9:49:09 PM (reads: 628, responses: 0)
Stole this from sweetcode.

I saw some references on here to other music related systems so I thought others might like this too.

Compo is a "musical composition tool". It uses a high-level LISP-like langauge to describe music. The FAQ describes Compo's unique features: a "homogenous musical representation mode at any scale (from a few notes melodic cell level, to the entire work level, by a section level, an episode level, a movement level...)", the "ability to reference a given musical structure at several places in the composition", and the "representation of musical parameters (heights, durations, dynamics...) as ratios rather than absolute values".