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inactiveTopic David McCusker on artificial languages
started 3/6/2002; 12:20:31 PM - last post 3/6/2002; 12:20:31 PM
Ehud Lamm - David McCusker on artificial languages  blueArrow
3/6/2002; 12:20:31 PM (reads: 652, responses: 0)
David McCusker on artificial languages
Around 1980 or so, I became very interested in artificial languages. I was 21 and bright, and this became my all-consuming passion. I was trying to invent the basis for some new graphical language. I conducted a great deal of solo research under no one's tutelage. And it's never been written up in any form. Unless humor counts.

Well, if we can have some items that don't mention language, might as well even the score with an item about language which doesn't mention programming.

My passion for artificial languages, notations etc. should be well known to long time LtU readers. And I've been meaning to recommend David's weblog for some time now.

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